Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'mma DANCE!

Decibel is Over /// The Party Goes On . . .

This year's Decibel Festival is over, and as many have commented, it was a very low key year for this event.
I have been told that this year's DBFest was toned down a bit because the promoters are planning for an especially strong 2008 Line Up. Of course, I had highlighted the raucous night of Simian Mobile Disco, Diplo and Switch. Another buzz for this year's party was to be Guns N Bombs, as part of the RAGE AND THE MACHINE SHOWCASE, at Neumo's on Friday night, along with Kill Memory Crash, Modeselektor, Motor and Truckasauras (fourthcity), an impressive line up for a supposedly "low key" year. Furthermore, Decibel promoters are reputed for their love of the European style late night techno parties, and we saw nothing short of that. I visited Saturday night's (Sunday morning) Shameless afterparty 4a.m. at the Mercury, and Dutch techno producer, Speedy J (THE highlight of last years DBFest) was on deck with a seamless, but dry techno set. It was a luxury to be able to party at a club in Seattle 'til day break for sure. It seems like it was a cozier break for promoters and performers to enjoy the party without the crowd and chaos of the main venue performances as well.
GunsNBombs' remix Chromeo .mp3

The Baltic Room Dance Floor @ RUFF GEMZ, Seattle -photo by Kinoko

YEAH! There is a lot to catch up... so much in fact...I've been planning this blog for months and it's only just begun. This is what goes on in the Pacific Northwest Dance and Disco Punk parties. No time for grammar, I'mma dance!! It's so good beats.

DJFuckingInTheStreets @RuffGemz -photo by Kinoko

If only we had a bullet train connecting Seattle to Portland. Something that the other is always missing we want all of it. Seattle hosts Weekly dance parties like Ruff Gemz with DJFuckingInTheStreets and Sam Russo Sound System, Sing Sing with residents Pretty Titty (Death of the Party) and fourcolorzack, Pony is Capitol Hill's newest renegade spot with dance parties hosted by DJPorq and Jack, and there are the Shameless parties with DJ Recess who are responsible for bringing such performers as New York's Passions to Seattle as part of the Broken Disco events.
What's really fun about the Ruff Gemz parties is that people are really showing up to dance. Every week I go, I meet someone new and it's always about the music and having a good time. There isn't a lot of 'tude. Plus Grandy (DjFits) brings in some fresh guests djs and performances like Glass Candy, M'ChaTeau (fourthcity), DJRecess, DJPorq (Who was a Ruff Gemz originator), DJ Jack and Kinoko (fourthcity) (yeah that's me). I get the privilege to play Ruff Gemz every second Wednesday of the month. But I'm still dancing every moment that I'm not on deck because I love the music! I'm only spending my entire afternoon to write about it!
As active as the Seattle scene is, Portland is just down the I-5 corridor with as much going on and with a whole other crew of talent. Last month I went down and checked out the Un-named night at the Tube hosted by DJ Multiply (of PGE) and Copy. It's always refreshing to be inside a new venue, but it's pretty exciting to be in a whole new crowd too. Seattle has a ban on indoor smoking, and tho' Portland hasn't quite caught up, most of the smokers go outside to puff, which is nice if want to breathe while you get your dance on. This night has not yet been named, they are open to suggestions.
Meanwhile, if you are passing through or live in Portland, stop into the Tube. This dance party is free, Drinks are Strong!

Portland's TUBE -photo by Kinoko

Tube dance parties usually occur every second Friday of the month, BUT this next one is going to be Oct 19th, following a Free PGE show at Portland State University. After that it'll return to every second Friday of the month.

Eric Grandy (DJFits) and Kinoko @The Baltic Room - RUFF GEMZ
Seattle up coming parties include Ruff Gemz at baltic Room Wed Sept 26
Free before 11 & $3.after.
The Baltic Room is located at 1207 Pine Street (Capitol Hill) Seattle

Other Upcoming Seattle Events:
Ruff Gemz Oct 3rd @The Baltic RoomSing Sing Oct 5th @The War RoomTokyo Police Club Oct 18th @ Nuemo's
Broken Disco Oct 19th @ Chop Suey
(OCT Broken Disco feat. Modeselektor, Jacob London, Recess vs Introcut +)

if nothing is going on...
then it's probably because everyone is at
506 E Pine St (Capitol Hill)

RUFF GEMZ -photo by Kinoko

>( ^ - ^ )<
Finally want to suggest checking out this blog by Death of the Party (Sing Sing)
for hot pics of the War Room's twice a month party with Pretty Titty and Fourcolorzack.

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