Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pow Fox Kick Off!!!

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Sweat and Dancing on the Stage with DIPLO. DbFest SEA WA. photo -Kinoko
Welcome to the Pow Fox Blog! In the spirit of great dance party happiness, this is an update and view of Cascadia Pacific North West dj and night life times. Thank you for reading! What a wonderful week to begin too, and lucky that Seattle, Pow Fox home port, is home to Decibel Festival! This is year number three, and we have already kicked it off with a blast-off performance by DIPLO (Philadelphia), Switch (UK), Simian Mobile Disco (GB),

SimianMobileDisco @Neumo's DecibelFestival SEA WA photo by Kinoko
and Seattle's own Death of the Party residents DJs Pretty Titty and fourcolorzack. Decibel runs from Sept 2oth through 23rd. This party happened kick off night at Neumo's to a sold out audience that went absolutley bonkers after a mid-set invitation by DIPLO for dancers to join him up on the stage as he warmed to Seattle with a Nirvana "Teen Spirit" mix. In the photos there are a lot of tight pants and VANS, plus stage artists and hella kids stoked on the show. Super audience features...Ruff Gemz resident DJFuckingInTheStreets, graph-street artist Claudius Phaedrus, writer and xlr8r contributor Dave Segal, Decibel organizers and performers including Christina Childs, Kris Moon, fourthcity's Truckasauras and Brian Willoughby.
Lot's of sweat, great music, and here's the pictures.
VANS and tight pants on stage with DIPLO -photo Kinoko
SWITCH. Decibel Festival_Neumo's SEA WA 2000. photo -Kinoko
fourcolorzack et Pretty Titty @Neumo's during DecibelFestival 2007 Seattle, WA photo by Kinoko

check out:: Pretty Titty Death of the Party and SingSing
Finger on the Pulse!

This Weekend is all about GUNS'n'BOMBS
another highlight of Decibel. And it's also going to be the
Shameless afterparties that I'm looking foward to. DJRecess and the
entire crew bring it with energetic disco punk. Pony and The Baltic Room
are going to be the features for my next post. See you Wednesday nights at Ruff Gemz.


Claudius Phaedrus said...

Love the blog! That was a great show huh!


Sweet blog K. Now I don't even have to leave my house to be a scenester ;)

Dr. Darkclaw