Monday, October 1, 2007

Party of The Year!

Miami Vice Mustache Kegger Dance Party
Our happy host  -kinoko

Welcome to Pow Fox part three.  
Despite, all the live music events going on in Seattle this weekend, including Numbers at the Sunset Tavern, when I got the text message from artist/organizer/com padre Adam Beadel inviting me to a "Miami Vice Mustache Dance Party Kegger!" I knew it'd be culturally naive for me NOT to go to this party with that title and at a Capitol Hill Mansion of urban legend.
Miami vice mustache party member -kinoko

View from an early Cocktail Party at a cap hill w/ The Justice track "D.A.N.C.E." (original version).

Less Than Zero-Seattle Condos & Cocktails -kinoko

By midnight it was time to 

Miami Vice Mansion Mustache Party
On route I found two enthusiastic,  
mustachioed gentlemen carrying beer. 
One was my roommate and the other our host.

love for bottles of Champagne -kinoko 

kids were lined up down the street, hella of fix gear bikes and drunk hipsters. I was told, "Blond hair is supposed to get you into coke circles faster."  I didn't get the call. White belts weren't coveting though, I heard complaints about being offered excessive amounts. 4 stories, party happening in every space.The pleasure/confusion chaos that only Lacan can really write about.
Lacanian Jouissance on Capitol Hill, Seattle -kinoko 

Everyone I have ever met was at this party. On gaurd. Slats was on the porch text messaging. A dance party in the dining room led out through several rooms of the house. I was reminded of the parties we see in movies when you think, "this isn't what a real party looks like." Lovers were on the roof, Hoolahoopers were in the yard, drunk cyclists were begging me to feel up their "bodacious calves."
The back patio engaged political discussion regarding the recent
seizure and shut down of Seattl's Zine Library (ZAPP) by the literary non-profit organization, Richard Hugo House.
"It's the Hugo-Hostage!" I was told.
A Seattle zinestress added
Which began cries of "WE HAVE IT!!!" heard from the yard.
I eventually rolled out of this party, regretting that f I had not ridden my bicycle. 
So thank you to the sexy kid with the fixy that walked me half way home through the rain at 6am. The walking meditation did me well. T
 See you all Wednesday night!
Bringin' it with the Remixes. Cheers!

your blogger (kinoko) with DJ Sam -unknown

Miami Vice Mustache Collage! -kinoko

special thanks Matt Dentler!for posting a helpful blog.

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