Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Where's Has This Been!!?

Happiness is at the begining door for your newest adventure with the Year of the RAT 2008!

train station with tooth by kinoko
ReallY!!! Ok, for All Many alpologies... This weird end of the year has given my sickness and floods and I got to go to the hospital because of my trouble and where is all the POW FOX at, meanwhile a guy threw up (Pukes) a diamond ring out of his throat!! Wow...But I don't have pictures of that. Beloved, Icebat was with us But had to drink away the holiday stress..
heavy holiday drinking
Now Here Is Our StorY..... Its after Xmas and tho' it was not worth the fuss, This BrilliantAngstPower track is Theee prize winner that survived me through the season!!! Bless you Fighter X. If you live in the Seattle area, this is a local spitfire who plays Lots and Lots of Shows, But NOT Even Enough!!!

super colaboration @ former ConWorks Bldg.
RuffGemz was ended following a change of management to Seattle's Baltic Room. No worries for Dance Party Fever.... Oh Wait Pony is over too!!! You see.. Seattle mayor, Greg Nickels (also a property developer) is making over our city into "Luxury Condos" and "Fineries" so the blocks that were it, will soon be replaced by high cost living units
opposed land use action
As the Dance Parties will come back stronger in the springtime for sure, the Intellectual Degenerates of the Streets are Untie-ing the knots with new social discourse.

former club Pony becomes TAMPONY after lesbian takeover
Maybe it began with the 99Motel wreck party, and the death of the Consolidated Art Works (a recently defunct art organization funded by Microsoft) building slated for demolition to make room for the condofication, and then with the popular block of Belmont and Pine on Seattle's Capitol Hill. It was the Belmont apartment building that hosted the most artistic, collaborative reaction event with fine printed tickets free to those with the access. As the party broke up the condo dwellers drank wine and stared from their condos across the street. I'd re-live this night 4 more times.

Belmont Party!
For New year's eve... we'll see... expect more.... get less.... marry even more!
DeGenterAteInteLeCtuALs UnTie!!!!

Happy News STuffs YEAR
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