Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bright New Days!

bright new work by Nko photo Kinoko

Spring season is here. Watch out for fresh buds and new colour.
Its time for hatching of creative projects that have incubated during winter. All of the new energy from upcoming secret venues to big party massives and collaborative break outs. Fighter X and Rainbow Pawz at the Vera project Feb 28th is the free yummy catch for good times. And the opening dance party for Booty Cave in Seattle is (shhhh..) new underground territory for superlicious discotek party and rockin all star fun. What does this mean? It's a code for no caps on creativity. 

March 14th is a Friday Dance Party kick off with Kinoko and DJSpirit Fingas. 

work at Wayward by the hand of Nko photo Kinoko
February is almost forgot to mention of a trip through Philadelphia. This is my born city! I cried to see this proud decal by the bottom bracket of this bicycle at Market East Station. MEOW! I LOVE The Decal and I cries over and over...Pretzel & Crossbones in Philadelphia. photo Kinoko

LIBERTY Crack in Philadelphia. photo Kinoko
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minter said...

ok, obviously I am totally lame. where is booty cave located?

Kinoko said...

Sorry so late to reply...
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is in Seattle by Lofi on
Eastlake. Meeeow!