Sunday, March 23, 2008

rabbits sound like dancing!!!

No Pho' for you! photo Kinoko

I've lost my voice....
dancing and shouting all weekend and sleeping just a little.
But who cares! 'cause I got to ate lunch with Knifehandchop.
Raver dancing up on Knifehandchop at Kinetic, Seattle WA. photo Kinoko.
My lucky treat Saturday when Shameless promoters invited me to lunch with the sweet surprise that Bily Pollard (Knifehandchop) would be there at our table. This is the strongest power producer of Oakland, CA's Tigerbeat6 records. Shameless crew flew him in for a night to play at Seattle's Pacific Science Center Kinetic massive rave party. Billy was kind of bumbed out to leaving the next day. Seattle is one of his favorite places in the U.S. he told me.Knifehandchop at Pacific Science Center, Seattle WA. photo Kinoko

He flew in from his home in Toronto, ONT.
My being from another hockey town, we got to talk teams. New Jersey Devils is his favorite. He says their logo is perfect too. And, because he hates celery, he kicked me down a plate full that had garnished his meal. Thanks!
Knifehandchop hates celery! photo Kinoko.
When we dropped him off for a rest up before the show he was talking over what kind of set he wanted to bring; mentioning that lots of girls were hitting up his myspace asking if he was going to get gabbercore. Knifehandchop is famed for having been performing on stage since he was 18 years old, and for having a unique blend of sounds that mix up booty, gabber and electro into an ass shaking, bass heavy party. This is the third time that I have seen him play, and it was nothing short of amazing. His music is fun, and he has a knack for winding up a crowd. Did I just say the same thing twice? I don't know. I can't wait to see what he puts out next. He's a spirited artist, with a lot of new ideas about producing and with a strength in enthusiasm that hasn't been apparent since Kid606 was at his career peak. Thank You! Pow Fox hopes you gotted to see your grandma and that the ladies on the airplane home treated you right!!!

Ok. Here we are that is over and what up and coming...
Broken Disco One Year Aniversary
with headliner
Yep! When you say 'Yep' to Russians, they giggle because it also means 'Sex.' Silly Russians. Tittsworth is a Cake topper to dance parties. Most of you are listening to a remix by him half the time anyway. I admire the amount of music Titts gives away online. He produces a lot of remixes and that offers more than a producer that puts out two tracks and then wants to show up on every party blog for it. Seattle's Death of the Party has been all over the the Titts. And I should probably go out there and do review on their night SingSing with resident DJs Pretty Titty and Four Colour Zach. It's a very pumped up successful night, there is something about it's self sufficiency that steers me away from writing on it. Maybe as SingSing has so much hype, there lacks a need for coverage. And so I go to the industry nights and the undergrounds and let pop be pop on it's on.
I give props to the Broken Disco crews for following through on a year of selflessness! Four crews working together to produce a monthly with no intention of competition. Solid! What Fourthcity, Shameless, Sensory Effect and Decibel have been putting together have supplied great cross over to an electronic music scene that was risking division after the end of the mix massive rave era. And anyway, these are really fun dance parties too. Copy is a great DJ too, but a blow you away with surprises remixer, and dudes get pissed because he plays a live show with a Keytar, and all the babes LOVE it!!!
This party is at Chop Suey, Seattle WA Friday April 11th. 18+ Cover is$12.
"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DRINK LAST NIGHT!?" Eli Hur + Kinoko art collaboration

This is going on too long.... It was snowing today in Seattle.
Now I look like a liar with all those rosy promises of spring in my last post.
Sorry. I want to get on my bike too and go riding around on warm nights.
But there is more to post about...

March 29th @ LoFi Lounge Seattle, WA
this is the glasses on party brought to you by
M'ChaTeau our Seattle Vice Magazine celebrity. Picked up in the
Do's section Twice now! Really. Why mention that? Because you know what I am talking about. Anyway... Pow Fox recommends this party. It'll be innovative, sleazy, artsy, boozy and dancy, Get it on, 20/20 fun! Wear your glasses.

see you on the party floor
with a final mention of

You played a bangin' follow-up to Knifehandchop. Respect!

We Go Kick It!

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