Friday, April 25, 2008

Move it or Lose it!! DANCE DANCE DANCE

watermelon dancer. img Kinoko
Growing up in the early eighties in Philadelphia it was popular sport to break dance on cardboard with a boom box and a cassette of Newcleus and the Ghost Buster's theme song. After that, years of raving and a few years with martial arts. Apparently, this is the similar fusion creating Elektro Dance, Tek, TCK, Tecktonik. Someone trade marked the word Tecktonik, so why use it? Dance is the most innate form of human expression.
Why are you trademark what you don't invent? Doi'

Pow Fox hero...
'Slick' French, middle schooler with the most focus Tek Dance.
Thank you for your powerful blog and many majime video.
This makes for more hyper dance than disco foxing.
We are loving to make the Elektro Party our Forever Tomorrows.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogging about Blogging

Nothing better than Bicycles at Night and a mission to Blog.
Thanks these two girls for letting PowFox use "Blogging" as reason to photograph you! .photo Kinoko

I love it when dancing in a heavy crowd, and the sexiest person in the room is groping and making out with you all night, all while you are both so drunk and in love with the music that it sends you to a flash back of 1998 and you're at one of the hottest raves of your life all over again where the pre-Dubya-admin pills are pressed so good & plenty that you don’t remember how many Pikachu's, dolphins or Rolls Royce you've eaten, but it doesn't matter because there's so much of it; your roommates are all sitting on a mixed boat at home they're hoping will motivate them into making the next mortgage payment. Meanwhile, back in 2008 there's another set of hands all over you. It all seems so good that you can't even tell the difference between the two... so they might as well double team you and make a website to cover payments on a new condo.
It's not really the same, is it?

Ok, well last night was NOT like that at all. So this post is just going to look like fashion blog, right? There’s a Disco night in Seattle. Straight up Disco. It’s really cheap, so we go to get in some Breaking floor work on.

Maybe the most fun part about a slow Dance Party night is having a bicycle and a camera. Living in an artistic city helps. Just when I thought the night was …well…over…. Nate and Thomas of Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground come running by holding brand new copies of the same Pharmacy record. “We just played a show at Neumo’s” they told me. When I asked them for a pic so I could post about them, they were concerned that I was going to make poor humor of them. Pow Fox is pozi, tho’ Right? This isn’t a hater blog. At least... I don’t know. “The photo makes us look like friends!” they said when I showed them their pic.

Good Sports. Nate and Thomas of Kay Kay & His Weather Underground. photo Kinoko

[MP3] Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - Bowie The Desert Pea

Seattlight Xin on a late night walk home from the Eagle. photo Kinoko

Performer, Holly Chernobyl came up to me while I was photographing Xin for Pow Fox last night too. I wish Pow Fox could be a smello-blog because Xin smelled like cedar. He held out his collar to me to show off his Comme des Garçons cologne. He was ashamed about a modest bag of groceries he was carrying, so we stood him in front of tagged wall without the grocery bag while he lamented not having a light for his ciggallette. Nothing beats street art for making it look like something is happening. But, you cannot blame someone for having their groceries. That's what people really do. It's ok to be real and well…. Yeah lets get the real people doing real things. Don’t people pay big money when you get photos of celebrities doing “real” things?

So why not some scenesters too?

Holly Chernobyl. photo Kinoko

So luckily I DID get this shot of Holly before she ditched out with two dudes behind the alley… Hmmmm….

We are loving ambiguous excite-ingments!!

Pow Fox Love Rodeo Wharhola + French Snoopy. photo Kinoko

In the era of the blog, I appreciate all of you that have stepped up to allowing your self to be photographed in the name of posting and blogdom. Salut!!!

We love you for reading.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Oh God It's coming!!!
How my gonna do all that stuff with my hands?
Future Culture is such a throw up.

Yelle, Panther, Starfucker, DJ Colby B Tues. April 22 @ WarRoom. Seattle, WA

and this is the video to Steve Aoki
"Locked Outside the Party"
PowFox exclusive Streetblog II
I gotta do more remix.

Thank You For Reading!

=( ^ _ ^ )=Dance floor is a subscription to our futures!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


STEVE WHO!? Street Blog Second Edition on it's way...
It was promised that I would blog about SingSing
(Death of the Party's Dance night) If you can pay $15 dollars and then have to wait in line all over again while the club is at capacity for someone to come out so you can get back in, then especially with the snow and all, it's like you totally invested in the right party and the cred alone for standing in the snow with a hand stamp while a frat guy tells you how much money he's about to make and that his girfriend is in there too.... and aw.. whatever.... being bored is stupid.... LETS JUST MAKE A SNOWMAN!
Snowman waits for re-entry

Pow Fox
loves the
Everywhere you wanna be....
Chicken kid gets up at Seattle's VERA Project, and everywhere else.
Chicken Kid and Cloudy Cloud go kick it in the bulk isle.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Out of Hibernation at the Continental Udist Seattle. photo Kinoko

No More Hiding indoors. It's ok.
Capitol Hill (The Williamsburg of Seattle)
...Its been told to me that it is now appropriate to slug someone in the shoulder when you see a hipster in a striped hoodie. I got my first slug in last night on spotting a yellow/black stading with his track bike crew infront of the mo-bar for mash-ups night. I was trying to make it to see Truckasauras free at Neumos. But I still thought to check out Havanas for DJ Fucking in the Streets. This is the first time for Havanas; PowFox reports the sound was crummy, but the door guy lemme in free & I dunno why. DJ Fits's regulars were dancing it up and I got an energetic reception from the kids who love me most as their DJ Kinoko. Meow!
this stencil caught at entrance way of Havanas Cap Hill Seattle. photo Kinoko

What is important is that Pow Fox got some dance on. Yes! I dont care too much for blogs on last nights parties, because I'm all about tomorrow's party. Last night was fun, yes, but it is over. I am like to think for the futures. Upon leaving Havanas, passing Tacos Gringos take out spot, Fox spied DJ Pretty Titty catching an afterhours $2 Taco. They only take cash. I cannot tell you if is good, but these kids are making tacos tues-sat til 2:30 am, so that gives a drunk kid something to chew on.
The relevance of Pretty Titty, is that he's part of Death of the Party. They got their SingSing event. Ima check it out this Friday for Sammy Bananas on Screaming Bloody Murder Tour. Pow Fox reccomends this show for Friday night, and for Saturday night the set at Mcleodresidnece by DJ/Producer Kinoko. Yeah self promotion. Ima Bump It! Come out!
Mystery Spoke Card. photo Kinoko

May 3rd Famous Players CD release event @Lofi performance gallery on Eastlake. Pow Fox caught Nicemaster Nice (Scratchmaster Joe 1/2 of FP) unlocking this Fuji after the Truck show. There is a strange spoke card in his rear wheel that he is NOT sure where is come from or who put it there. So Ima post this thing and maybe you got an idea.
Oh, yeah and the other half of Famous Players.... legendary Samuel Kirkland now living in Queens NY, but forever revered in Seattle for bringing us the GhettoTechElectro Robotrash dance parties entering into this century.
There is a scecret tunnel from Seattle to New York.
Ima find it.

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my head is still hurty

Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is absolutely from Broken Disco 1Year Anniversary Party. Seattle, WA. We got us there on time, late. Party time o'Clock. We missed Copy, but just as I wrote in the last post, some dude hadst to dis on his Keytar, but still all the ladies is like, "Oh Yeh, Can I touch it!" C'mon guys, stop jealous hatin'.

Tittsworth come up from DC to play, and upon letting him know how greatful the Fox is about the constant uploaded mp3's he puts out, Titts hand me candy cigalettes with the gum and powder. And is all, "blow it out" YEs! This was a galangy night for Foxes and girls, even tho' we missed out on the Baldman making a sandwich at Anne Bonny. Send out some comments, you saw that?

For tonight is special dinner of sake sandwich...
we were tooooo messy because well after one our fixey rider kid friends forgot himself a spare tube a designated nine o'clock fixtgear flat fix party got posted on Flashing Lights. Get all your secret friends together and have a party. Bring your favorite bev. make stickers, fix a blow out out... become friends....all so that the kid could ride home because he cant walk since he foot got busted in a stickering accident. Don't get too sad, this all worked out.

where you afterparty at?

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thanks you for reading