Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is absolutely from Broken Disco 1Year Anniversary Party. Seattle, WA. We got us there on time, late. Party time o'Clock. We missed Copy, but just as I wrote in the last post, some dude hadst to dis on his Keytar, but still all the ladies is like, "Oh Yeh, Can I touch it!" C'mon guys, stop jealous hatin'.

Tittsworth come up from DC to play, and upon letting him know how greatful the Fox is about the constant uploaded mp3's he puts out, Titts hand me candy cigalettes with the gum and powder. And is all, "blow it out" YEs! This was a galangy night for Foxes and girls, even tho' we missed out on the Baldman making a sandwich at Anne Bonny. Send out some comments, you saw that?

For tonight is special dinner of sake sandwich...
we were tooooo messy because well after one our fixey rider kid friends forgot himself a spare tube a designated nine o'clock fixtgear flat fix party got posted on Flashing Lights. Get all your secret friends together and have a party. Bring your favorite bev. make stickers, fix a blow out out... become friends....all so that the kid could ride home because he cant walk since he foot got busted in a stickering accident. Don't get too sad, this all worked out.

where you afterparty at?

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Flashing Lights said...

Street Blog! You are my favorite new friend.

Kinoko said...

MeoW! Thanks You For Loving the party