Sunday, April 20, 2008


STEVE WHO!? Street Blog Second Edition on it's way...
It was promised that I would blog about SingSing
(Death of the Party's Dance night) If you can pay $15 dollars and then have to wait in line all over again while the club is at capacity for someone to come out so you can get back in, then especially with the snow and all, it's like you totally invested in the right party and the cred alone for standing in the snow with a hand stamp while a frat guy tells you how much money he's about to make and that his girfriend is in there too.... and aw.. whatever.... being bored is stupid.... LETS JUST MAKE A SNOWMAN!
Snowman waits for re-entry

Pow Fox
loves the
Everywhere you wanna be....
Chicken kid gets up at Seattle's VERA Project, and everywhere else.
Chicken Kid and Cloudy Cloud go kick it in the bulk isle.

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