Friday, April 25, 2008

Move it or Lose it!! DANCE DANCE DANCE

watermelon dancer. img Kinoko
Growing up in the early eighties in Philadelphia it was popular sport to break dance on cardboard with a boom box and a cassette of Newcleus and the Ghost Buster's theme song. After that, years of raving and a few years with martial arts. Apparently, this is the similar fusion creating Elektro Dance, Tek, TCK, Tecktonik. Someone trade marked the word Tecktonik, so why use it? Dance is the most innate form of human expression.
Why are you trademark what you don't invent? Doi'

Pow Fox hero...
'Slick' French, middle schooler with the most focus Tek Dance.
Thank you for your powerful blog and many majime video.
This makes for more hyper dance than disco foxing.
We are loving to make the Elektro Party our Forever Tomorrows.

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