Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Happy Hardcore!

The Tek Dancer goes into Hieroglyph. photo Kinoko
I don't know if it really is your birthday. But I love you at 170-180 bpm, heavy Stabs! (thank you, fl) and your slappy happy piano stokedalicious candy ravery. Ah -YES! and with that... Thank you AC Slater, Kadeeja Streets and Mr. DJ Recess for the most satisfying loft party ever! OMG! Yes. And thank you, sir Recess for the shout out on the Tecktoniks! I mean ... the Tek dancing / Tck stuff. Go Shameless!
My Girl likes to party blog all the time
Cloudy Cloud loves American Cheese. photo Kinoko
After several weeks without a days off from the working, it was time for making a three day holiday-vacation! Powfox started with a send off at the magnified flow of the Scratchmaster Joe (Nicemaster Nice) + Sam Kirkland = Famous Players cd release party at Lofi with live electronic sets by Seattle artists Nko (Dub tek) and Kinoko (Art school disco-tek) and noteable Elektro Tek sets by Fourthcity Djs M'Chateau and DJ Introcut. An emotional and exciting event, bravo for keeping it off the hill and for filling it up, sirs!!!

After the Pow Fox GO BIG - or - Go Home full event weekend
lets see how much back step tracing we can do...
remembering.... now... ok...
And you thought I wasn't thinking about blogging!? Come on!

Somewhere out there, a girl had some can. photo Kinoko
Doesn't that bear look protective? It's going to shred that cloud apart.

SEAN CHRISTENSEN of Portland Visits Seattle
for closing of show + drawing party.
Work of Sean Christensen is insanely positive.
These are two of the works that hung in Seattle's Wayward Cafe' through April.
Sean coordinates arts events in Portland. This was his first Seattle show.
Powfox Can't wait to see you back in Seattle and up Big.
Thanks for the drawing sesh!
Portland illustrator Sean Christensen. Awesome But True! photo Kinoko
Secret Star Stickers mark the pencils of a drawing party veteran. photo Kinoko

Penguins by McFiredrill. photo Kinoko

Finally, as this is a reverse chronological post...
Fast Friday was monthly meetings for fix gear bicycle riders in Seattle to gather and get Chicken Kid spoke cards, share tricks, knock eachother over and deny knee injury. This Friday was a fluke apparently the first Friday of each month event no longer exists, but that because so many these hipsters have migrated through the Seattle to Brooklyn exchange program. So we got no more, But these kids that showed up and pulled it off are seem like afraid to keep the name up because maybe like Tecktonik someone tries to trademark on the name. Oh the Cold ways of the hater.YES! Powfox still love to the Chicken Kid. photo Kinoko

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1 comment:

Sean Christensen Awesome But TRue said...

Okay! So that spray of the girl v.s. Bear v.s. cloud! GOD DAMN!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!! Hella fresh!
Thanks for the rad times! Keep it Awesome and live Rad!
You are the queen of the dance floor DONT STOP THE ROCK:)
PoZZi Love Forever!