Monday, May 19, 2008

To Kings and Throwies! Shoryuken!

EliHur! photo Kinoko
When the internet is open and HRO + Bike Snob NYC both have new postes is rudy-good fun 'cause. .. Meow can't answer no ones more questions about summer camp and some apple car defenestrations.

Meow a decompress with samosas an a tall-boy Arizona
read up some blog, seriously.
Hey, HRO, do you see how
this tall-can
Where da partyblog at?

it's true I get this stoked! photo Kinoko
My hand is bandages because of typing too hard and spraying so much paint. I gotta love and I betcha didn't notice that there is a direct link from Capitol Hill Seattle and Williamsburg Brooklyn. No, you knew that.... But DJ MORSY you just watch out... Pow Fox coming to check out some NanaChill this summer what a get up some Emo-Thug2 remix this.... mp3 oh My GoSH so stoked tripped over
some blog on. break in. Gets warm up.

Hyper Bird!
>( ^ - ^ )<


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