Monday, June 9, 2008

Partytime Excellent!

Derek Charm Powerful Art Time. Goon Squad Show.
You get read this posts
you know Powfox loves like Chicken Kid
and then after visiting the art show with the guy
at Seattle's cryptic Healthy Fun Times
Powfox is now a stoked for the following artists as well
OMG!!! Kathryn Rondo arts with so much glitter and crazy.
The favorite this week was these paintings.
And Derek Charm has a blog that is killer.
I wish there was more I could write,
but after seeing Speed Racer movie...

I can only think of summer goal to enter criterium

This is the bike that's gonna win the race! photo Kinoko

>( ^ - ^ )<


Shawn said...

Wait, what happened to the orange tires???

Kinoko said...

They are on there, this is an Earlier Pic! Now I will have to HAVE To Repost the Px10! Merci.