Sunday, June 15, 2008

Neon City 4 eVa!!!

Photo "Sars Guard" Angela Dawn showing@GallerySuite100
or at least through tomorrow...

for those of you wondering what to do with yourselves
here are some Neon City tips.

Last night at my own show, I was asked where in Seattle I want to show my own work the most. And I replied Suite 100 Gallery, of course. This kids for sure are running my favorite spot in the city right now. R.I.P. Houston Gallery. There was an opening a few months ago that I rode my bike to and got there and had just finished a music track for Tone Town Records out of Japan. No one except myself and my very forgiving roomate had heard this track and so upon meeting up with my group of friends in front of the gallery, we took my ipod inside and asked if they would play this track, the latest Fourthcity project expected to hit the Tone Town Comp in a month. I did not expect these guys at Gallery Suite 100 to be so enthusiastic. Not only did they play the track. Beau, one of their in house Djs, played it twice! and mixed into it! Wow! So friendly a gesture, I was astonished AND flattered! Everymoring I wake up and I thanks God that I do not look like Kenvin Bacon and then I pray thanks for French and Italio Electro!!!
Thanks you Gods.
Meanwhile, outside of being friendly and not stuffy, this guys at GS100 are HELLLLA fresh art pickers! Cheers! I will go to these shows and I will post on blog. GotchA! hooray!

Showing from June 13th thru July 4th
@ Gallery Suite 100
2222 2nd Ave Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98121
Mon-Fri 12:00pm - 6:00pm

we go kick it!
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