Friday, June 13, 2008

What Happen? White Belt Files Released

photo cred. kinoko
It was four years ago
I took this pic.

Extremely rare, never before blogged
features emo kids decending
capitol hill
Pine Street , Seattle
in trade mark of the look of 04/05.

Nothing unusual, right? AH-HA
What has got the world of paranormal
research so worked up about this pic?
NOTE -the spectrical alignment of white belts
caught precisly and frozen in this moment,
signifying the dawn of a new neon city?
Mach speed activating the white belt quad formation line!
Will they make robeast?

and so from this day
I had begun to make the research
in what was call
The White Belt Files

How many hipster does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
What you don't already know!?

Is the neon city the new emo?
in 2005 we were forced to look at

As million of kids across the myspace combed hair over eyes and took cell phone shots of themselves with white belts then learning basic html so that they could reign and one day have a mSpce account for selling
I see white belts
Insider to know what emo hair care product's premium choice.
My favorite when laundry and bathroom sink visible in photo
with white belt and emo forelock.
Comes in blonde too
And for ladies
And Fun Guy Look with Rocker Belt
For Twinks who would like to try it out
And ..omg!
Best Friends!
And for those who mean it!
Go EMO or Go Home!
And the colour begins to creep in along
with the retro-nostalgia for raving.
French and Italian producers save us from
the drama of reliving mashups again and again
by kicking down fresh electro and we are again turn out the flashlights.
Here comes Neon City.
You gotta get you wings if you wanna fly.

The following pics have been provided to you courtesy
the White Belt Files collected for one year following
the aforementioned white-belt quad alignment

>( - x - )<
toe tar ree


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Jeanine Anderson said...

hells yeah - spot on. a conspiracy revealed.