Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Doodles Skatterbrainded BleepCore

did ever anyone call you that

But sometimes that is been all he could write when he's in a hurry
-this Islander from the PacNW-
Doodles is got stay in Seattle for a few more months
until he is off to CALif for art school training in engaging creative space with community.
He's already teaching this with intricate wheatpastes and throwies around the walls of the world.
We even seen his work out on the walls of
Stockholm, via the sweetness of flickr.

and in the woods.

Lucky time!
Here we got Doodles installation style

HERE IS SEATTLE - Doodles Installation with ispiration from a photo album he found on site at an abandoned mental home. The album was on exhibit with the display and hands down the Halloween pics were the golden favorite.
Doodles @619 Western -photo Kinoko
during Seattle Art Walk (first Thrsdys of month).

We Like it and We post it - - - woot!

Kinoko + Doodles collaboration
Night Creatur, powfox find out, is like a raccoon "scavenger" animal
he can walk over the mountains and he eats cops

this one is part of an upcoming group show
at the opening
the Free Sheep Foundation
2400 3rd & battery Friday July 11th in Belltown neighboorhood of Seattle.

Make A Smile!
>( ^ _ ^ )<

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