Sunday, August 10, 2008

Be A Hotty not A Snotty!

Parliment Monacle Can . photo Kinoko

Once long time ago I got into a laptop battle
with tall, pale and nerdy.

He schooled the class
Deceptikon is polite and friendly
just don't expect mistake his kindness
for weakness.
He got strong tracks!
Formerly on the Merck record label
his now self release.
this one is my favorite track...

an I also like his
project he did before
chiptune was a household item!


but, Dkon's like...
'that is from a hella long ago
load up a the newer track!
It's a Mix!!!


Dkon on the wall with Kinoko and Eli Heuer and Brynk. photo Kinoko

Be A Hotty not A Snotty!
>( ^ - ^ )<


(OvO) said...

Dapper can!

Dkon said...

Thanks for the props Kinoko!
Here's the tracklist for the Ascii Ghettoblaster mix.

Foscil - Yant
Jay Dee - Body Movin'
Madlib - Tape Hiss (Dirty)
Malcolm Kipe - Grind (Sweater Version)
Pete Rock - Pete's Jazz
Dabrye - Intrdctn
Jaylib - The Red
Goto80 - Emanation Machine (Rivel Remix)
Malcolm Kipe - Off The Joint
Daedelus - Dumfound (edIT Remix)
Mr. Oizo - Monophonic Shit
The Brand New Heavies - Sometimes (The Ummah Remix)
Deceptikon - Montana (Feat. Cyne)
Caribou - Lord Leopard
Dabrye - Machines Pt 2
Jay Dee - E=MC2 (Feat. Common)
Jimmy Edgar - Hold It, Attach It, Connect It
Deceptikon - Inner Outer Offs
Swamay - Power Glide
Foscil and Specs One - Crunch Day
Deceptikon - Non Stop Detroit To Mexico
NWA - Straight Outta Compton
Jemapur - Bidnezz
40 Winks - Go Ahead
Deceptikon - Cursive Swing
Mesak - No Koffs
Vincent Parker - Guns On Both Sides
Deceptikon - S. Sempervirens
Steve Reich - New York Counterpoint (Slow)