Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Nights Feel Good

Successful Partytime Indicators
these are the people ...Jenny from the Stranger at SingSing
you are in the right place when you see...
You know it So Good

Dj 10-4 Roger plus Filthy Nice Fridays cohort
after playing dance party @ Healthy Fun Times.

and again
Disco Ball Pinata smashed
@BallsOut w/ A1 Bassline

Sneaky Dj - Recess instigating treble & bassline

Bianchi Pista
featured previously on PowFox.
the owner is particularly fun person
who loves dancing
and also enjoys switching out the components
on his Bianchi Pista Single Speed Fix Gear
PowFox titles "pistadex"
in honor to the wonderful


seeing this Pista outside club
is a number 1 indicator of dance party sucess!

pj pooterhoots\Can't Go For That.mp3

and it's been some time
a week!
for posting...

these are random bikes love
this one is like battery?
helmet, waterbottle, art...yes!
it's not about pink chain, it's about biking...

well... spoke cards
lots & lots

magic pony dance
>( ^ - ^ )<

1 comment:

RONDO said...

oh man! that last three part bike pictured with hella spoke cards/waterbottle/helmet and art is mine!!