Sunday, October 12, 2008

Advanced Glossary

after reading a lot of hipster hate debates

The Hipster Must Die
Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization
Gavin McInnes (of VICE) Street Carnage Blog

to doing more reading online
than activating our own lives....
gives one the dissheart...

"The opposite of cargo shorts and flip flops
is the true "greatest generation,"
the ones born before the concept of self or adolescence.
They woke up put on their pants one leg at a time
just like everyone else, then their tie,
then their hat, then they went to work.
We could stand to learn a lot from this era of fashion."
-Gavin McInnes
referring to this...

feel blue? wear red.
>( - x - )<


Anonymous said...

ah. well, i'd like to know how you feeel about the whole "hipster" scene.

Kinoko said...

feel? i dunno, is like this history of hip and history of people and Harlem Renaissance and Beat Generations and the Punks Rock is all fun sociology and CapHill vs Williamsburg is fun, but dont taking everything so seriously right? Examine Life for Whitman Sake.