Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eating a Hole Through Time

Photographing bikes in Philadelphia
and thinking about food!!!
Pretzel Ride
((Tuesday nite tradition: Meet at the Art Museum steps just before midnight,
ride with a group of 60+ kids to the South Philly Pretzel Factory,
eat lots of FRESH HOT
delicious pretzels & mustard for really cheap.))

OMG!! Im so doing this ride!
Hungry YeT?
Tomato Fennel Soup
@ Capogirogelato

(Rittenhouse Square 117 S. 20th St. Phila.)
special gelato cafe'
Little Flower Candy Co. of Pasadena, CA.
and for sweet treats Cinnamon Sugar Marshmallows
huge size marshmallow
4 in a pac soooo sugar sweet makes melted teeth.
a more traditional
actually from Philadelphia
"sweet treat"
available all over Philadelphia
omg! they make sugar free!?
Ok Doke
and more more
drawn to brite brite
Cinelli alter stem
like moth on moonlight
StarWars top tube pad!!!
This bike was inside
Dirty Frank's // 13th & Pine, Phila.
long lost haunt
still standing

Buy Ur Mates some
traditional Philadelphia Lager
"Hoagie Steak" and Pizza
Philly style

Mama Angelina's
1337 Locust St, Phila.
This place has been here for 30 years!

Finally went south Philly to
Chickies and Petes
1526 Packer Ave, Phila. // By Stadiums
This is a chach sports bar featuring Mummers Dolls on the wall
What is this "mummer?" Srsly.
Ok and the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
and these are the foods here, serious.
Champion Food!

Statue of Rocky @ Phila. Art Museum

It's sort of true
a day visit to Philadelphia
and with lots of eating happen

Alotta Good Food
Some Sweet Bike

^ _ ^
>( ' \./ ' )<


lora said...

looks like you covered philly pretty well. i log lots of hours at mama angelina's, it's right around the corner from work and no one ever comes in so i can hide out there all day. i used to hide at mcglinchy's, until my boss came in and i was half wrecked at 3.30. i didn't tell on him and he didn't tell on me. sweet.

if you are still in town and didn't get to mcglinchy's you should. it's like dirty franks but without the class.

thanks for stopping by my site!

Kinoko said...

I remember mcglinchy trivia nite!!! Is it still happen?

lora said...

I'm not sure. But if it is, I'll go in your honor!

eyo said...

i thought the rocky statue would be temporary.
shows how much i know...