Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chroma Soma arts of SOLACE

this guy is Solace handi work
with size 100 underpants
found in a Bellingham "Specialties" Shoppe.
He's trying to pull them up, but its no avail.
work of Solace @ UpperPlaygound Seattle

Fridey night I get taken around to 
Seattle UDist for Art Walk
and it's popping with bros and pbr 
for arts style

this is Solace here
I met him when I was spotting another artist at a high up spot
while he stayed on the ground
and he told me that his whole life 
was about preparing for this show at the time

There is lots of character paintings
but I really like this Soma list personal brand colours system
when does it come out in cans?

I asked Solace if it's more important to stay in school or inside of the helicopter
he says the helicopter
but i say stay in helicopter school
then u never fail!

Some work at Moksha
down the street...

fourthcity dj Introcut
woot woot!
Bros with PBRs as promised
art lovers 4 sure

>( ' \ . / ' )<

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