Wednesday, March 18, 2009


mycologysts reccomend learning a new mushroom every year
as there are so many of them
that its best to take ur time
save u to not hastily devour a poison look-alike by mistake

Likewise, While there are many forms of appreciating 
the creations of Tove Jansson's Finnish Moomin Valley.
These are the tales of unique and articulated 
characters in Bohemian woodland life.
it is reccomend that u read one Moomin book a year

There are only nine books in the series.
Each has an unpredictable adventure tale with 
Jansson's original illustrations.
While there are many comics, animations and 
puppeted versions to filling the space between, 
none have been found to be poisonous
thus, already a safer hobby to enjoy Moomin culture
over mushrooming on a limb.

the Groke

In the nineteen nine-tees Japan produced a sleepy,
animated tv series about Moomin Valley.
Merchandising from Japanese hype plus a detailed
Finnair MD-11 for the Tokyo route were way more exciting to live with.

The Euro-Slav puppeteered versions are absolute with stunning
and for so long only available as 
zone whatever dvd w/many dollars deposit from high-end rentals.
Thankful now to internets and English bloke voiceover
we can enjoy them from lcd screen now via video web searches.

The ultimate graduation of Moomin-fest
visit real live Muumimallilma"Moomin World" in western Finnland.
Is Golden Pony Award! What!?

the nine titles of Moomin
The Moomins and the Great Flood - 1945
Comet in Moominland - 1946
Finn Family Moomintroll - 1948
The Exploits of Moominpappa - 1950
Moominsummer Madness - 1954
Moominland Midwinter - 1957
Tales from Moominvalley - 1962
Moominpappa at Sea - 1965
Moominvalley in November - 1970

Precious Ruby...
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Scott Warren said...

Those are really cute shows. Did you know Moomin is Midori's favorite character?

(OvO) said...

I love the Moomins! I've got books, comics, and various figures. They make me so happy.