Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ferocity: Beasts of ART WALK

yeah...and it was old Uncle Parskid who
looked after the three kids, last Friday night,
who had wandered deep into the 
weird, strange and weird again
Greenwood Art WAlk of Seattle
Beasts at every turn...
and walls of stolen art...
meybe not stolen...

and all of this down a rabbit hole
of suspicious studios,
behind the front of boardgame store.

who likes this stuff?
meow meow hat man does.
He is not afraid of art!

even if gallery is look like
a funeral parlor.

and where there is this moustaches play
there is...
the Rainier Mans Rooms!
and PBR and irony sweatshirt with
wolf theme room!
upon escape,
leads us to
Eugene cyber shaman!
guide us
She gotta check the voice mail!
next message...
paper beast called
invite to the red hot hood of truck party
lots of beers, coke and...
...Bart Simpson comics...

paper beast reads minds
this is real.
you cannot deny.
Lucky for us there was music.

breakfast served all day
>( ' \ . / ' )<


Erin said...

old Uncle Parskid rules!

Shawn said...

I'm happy to have shared that night with you and Erin. So fun (and weird)!!!

(OvO) said...

Such adventures!