Friday, May 15, 2009

Friends of the Nib @Racer Café

lots and lots of drawings
on the walls of Racer Café
and bar....

by Friends of the Nib
illustration collective...
Ellen Forney, Dave Laskey, Tom Dogherty, 
Marc Campos, Robert Rini, Heidi Estes,
Max Badger, Jen Ralston, Marc Palm,
Adam Watson, Jim Woodring,
Dalton Webb, et al.
"" "" ""

what is tomorrow?
>( ' \ . / ' )<


Gurldoggie said...

Good show! I loved the "Peace" drawing as soon as I saw it. (Devil mom & child) Tried to buy it, but was 5 minutes late. Do you know who did it?

Graham said...

Did you take these with your new camera?

Kinoko said...

new camera
heidi estes is did the peace

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