Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too Soon! Too Soon!

MJ over
POWFOX:what time did u find out mj dead.
ZApan:3pm rajio from taxushi - Driver says MJ is already dead/evol/undefine hates?
DJN:I felt sorry more that angry
Z:Nothing But happiness from his song/Im not stand up for children getting touches
would not let mj buy me lunhc:
DJN: 3:46pm Found Out
Z: He was what's his name,...JT's idol
PF: JT Claimed What time did JT clAim rite
Ok- Michael Jackson is dead Txt Arrive' 3:30:44 PM
Twittered "I know about Michael." @......

alive anonymous body on ice
children warrors
>( ' \ . / ' )<

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(OvO) said...

I was at work and saw the very first announcement on tmz before anyone else would confirm it, but I had a bad feeling in my belly that it must be true. People walked in just to ask if we'd heard the news. After official confirmation was out people seemed dazed, a little out of focus. I agree with everything you've said and just generally feel sad for him and his family. Such a great performer and such a strange man. And definitely much too soon.