Friday, June 19, 2009

Why R We Rlly so Glam?

is mullet, headbandeez, gld chns, tribal pierce,
googlepod hackt 2 boost accnt, Obey, bangs, altness
faux unique

lettes get serius]]
a\\ this is our real
we got a new wheel
and we're just using up what u left us
altered states to fit our needz
so we grew up w/know how to fix technology
and u can't blame us
to know what how to use your VCR
b4 u now
D. I. Y?
Cause We Gots 2!

U Grew Up Afraid of.... Nuclear Threat?
U Grew up w/out electric books?
We Get to Fear You Trash
and UR Generations of Disposible Living
UR OuTlive the toys U bought us,
Go Ahead to Try It! Dare

We Get Lovely Choices

toungue in cheek
what are we supposted
2 do in a first world?
deny it?

this has been a rant
cyber tribal
>( ' \ . / ' )<


Andrew said...

woo! powfox 4eva

Gurldoggie said...

Is Mama Powfox really Rod Stewart? Separated at birth? I has evidence HERE!!!