Thursday, August 6, 2009

88 is a lot

Nerd Said
Elder Honor Ancestors

Hello, Grandmom

I'm at work today, and I know you are turn 88 years old today
so I'm writing to say Hi and Hoping that your friends at Protestant Home
remember to make a fuss over you. And Don't forget that I know
and I wanna make the fuss for you too!!!!
Let's see.. I can make you a Birthday Poem!

Dear Grandmom this is your Birthday Today!
I wanna hollar out so you hear me say
Hello I LOVE You and I know that on August Four
you are 88 and so from my heart I pour
My email love and affections out for you to read
Today into my garden and plant a new seed
That when it grows and bloom into a beautiful flower
I'll think of you and your wonderful power
to make me smile when I think of you. My memories of all you do
consist of your smile and your eyes of blue
of being a little kid sitting on your lap
and shopping with you until I take a nap
I still think of you as a red head even when it's white
and of the home I used to visit you for holiday delight
You are peppy, cute and funny lady in my mind
and always got hugs for me because you are so kind
You have been alive so that you made it to 88
that gives me hope that my own life can be so long and great
ok this poem is going on and maybe you are bored
of my rant about my fondness for a Grandmother who struck a chord
I love you lots and Miss you and think of you today
and wish you a very sweet happy Birthday what more can I say!
Love You
Hope my poem was not so horrible that you get nauseus reading it
But I am an emotional girl, and I do think fond thoughts of you.
Things are great in Seattle
The weather is cool and I have to get back to work now.

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