Saturday, October 24, 2009

What Up, iji

Why U make our hearts pitter?
Jordon & Zach of Seattle's iji @NewCrompton. photo cred. kinoko

Zach Burba front man for brainchild
is also member of Sundance Kids
& a drawer of comics.
Since the sound of the word iji
(ee -hee)
came to his lip, is something,
since long ago,
Zach loved how is sound
and how it look
with dot dot dot on top.
Upto seven peops playing iji
= Zach, Jordon Michaelman,
Chris Mac, Jon manning,
Eli Damm, Keenan Doners
and Erin Brigy

These guys will not say anything bad
about anyone
Its total pozi core!
Powfox: Who could iji open 4?
iji: "Of Montreal- five years ago."
Zach & Jordon agree.
PFX: Who should open for iji?
iji lists
Bcuz they know who their friends r,
& when a good thing gets along.

PFX: When's ur New Album?
Newest album in the works.
Is got current 4producers having at it.
This one has "more loungey" feel Zach explain.
Planning for January release.
Former practice space, New Crompton,
is spot for 8pm house show
in Seattle Tonight!
Iji, Mandarin Dynasty,
David Isreal & Pet Dander

Not Halloween
6 Days Before.
>( ' \ . / ' )<

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