Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new status message - HANDSOME

This is Team NERD.
Prolific print maker, installation artist and showboat!
PowFox scored this interview w/Nerd
as he is about to give Seattle his final word
in Dec 3rd through Installation in Art Lofts @619 bldg.
Seattle before beginning an internship w/

Powfox got on top of this interview op
find out what is make a NERD tick.

TEAM NERD: Okay I'm here Team Nerd
Pastor Nathan 12:50 AM
Adam Beadel ready to report
Give me your best shot!
you make arts and in print
TN: and zines
PF: and you learned it from
Seattle Community Col?
TN: I took an introduction to printmaking class
at Seattle Central four years ago.
I was making lots of stencils and zines at the time.
I liked carving because it was a lot cleaner than stencils.
I mostly taught myself though.
At e'ergreen, I learned better studio habits
and how to set type and do letterpress.
I just had to get my hands all over that studio.
PF: you prefer to call urself printmaker?
TN: Yup
I usually say Artist and Printmaker
PF: When did you get the idea u are the Team Nerd.
When/How did u get know this?
TN: Hmmmm.
I got this.
Back in '05, we were doing all this planning and organizing
at the Zine Archive and Publishing Project for a summer
school called DIY Academy. Every night
for about 6 months, my friend Davey Oil and
I put our heads together and schemed out this
series of workshops. I blurted,
"We're Team Nerd!"
but the label never stuck with him.
So I kept it for myself. I love collaborating
with other people, usually writers &
poets & friends & family. So for any one project,
there's usually a small team of nerds involved.
I just make sure everything looks pretty and
gets finished.
portrait of the artists' mom

Team Nerd w/Room Installation @Belmont Show Seattle

Also, I usually geek out on the work I do.
The rest of the world goes into the background
for a little bit. That's Team Nerd too.
Lastly, there's an open membership.
if you want in, you're in.
Let's work together on something!
PF: Allotta peops seem identify w/ ur title.
Do you think ur help as Nerd Therapy Outreach
TN: People like being on a team but
most people hate rules. I hate meetings.
Being a nerd is a pretty private affair.
The word Nerd usually follows a clarifying noun:
YAHTZEE nerd; Pancreas nerd, Health nerd, Beef Jerky nerd.
Different nerds geek on different things.
It's nice to know there's a bunch of loners out there
working together in some supernatural, non-committal way!
"Nerd Sport" is Team NERD outreach prgm
invites peops try on their Nerd

PF: Ur About to Go away to Tennasee and
work for Yee-Haw.
what do you most hope to get out of it?
TN: Yee-Haw Industries makes amazing work.
They carve, they set type, they do digital layout.
They make show posters, stationary, and large art prints.
They have a huge collection of antique wood type.
They have letters that are a 18 inches tall!
They have an 8 ft long letterpress modified etching press!
I can't wait to get my hands all over their equipment.
The people who work there are all real characters too.
I want to learn everything they have to teach me.
I want to collaborate with Kevin, one of the owners.
I want the most out of everything at Yee Haw.
PF: Do you got any longterm goals ur reach for?
TN: One day, I want to have a son or daughter named Ernie.
Before that happens, I want to keep building up my body of work.
My #1 mega goal is to own and operate my own
print shop / small press / publishing community center.
I want more people to stop writing in their dumb diaries
and broadcast their thoughts around the world.
PF: U Rock! Thank U for so much.
This is Final Question.
Motivation is always a huge part of being working artist,
I have seen you go on some "Print Making Benders"
Where does ur initial drive come from?
TN: A couple of places.
First, I have a lot of demons I have to keep quiet.
Second, the word has to be given flesh,
and in order to be given flesh, a sacrifice must be made.
Third, I have a responsibility, as long as I am able,
to keep producing and share with the
world beautiful things and introduce images
and items into people's lives that fills them with
joy and wonder and gratitude.
It's just what I do.

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