Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Amazing Mr.Fancy Pants

this is ur guy who
gets sad if he doesnt get to make stuff
maybe ur magic elf of awesome
(aka The Hooded Deer) when he is DJ
is got powerful bright notes of mention
Artist, Designer New Paradigm Man
He's got Mississippi and Austin
and the internet on fire with radness.
Look for his Feel Friday Mixes uploads to
also activite part of
PUBLIC SCHOOl art col. TX.

POWFOX: You got your creative hands in all that is current
and future for art and cultures. You are All over the web.
Do you spend as much time on the web looking at
other stuff as you do putting up?
and if so what's your favorite parts of the web?
I will say that I spend
far too much time on the web
and not enough time outside.
However, I owe most of my success
as a freelancer to the glorious internet.
Some of my favorite places are
Grain Edit, Command Save, Gorilla vs Bear,
Kitsune Noir, My Love For You, Design For Mankind,
Book By Its Cover.

PF: Is the Mississippi to Austin scene of art and culture
got a connection like the NW / WCoast is got?
FPWB: Oh goodness I'm not sure about that at all.
The scenes are pretty much disconnected
other than transplants like myself.
PF:. What's your favorite animals?
FPWB: I've grown into a cat person.
I really enjoy sporting the cuteness of kittens,
but i honestly do love their extremely
odd personalities and behaviors.
I also like dogs, think wolves are cool,
unicorns are majestic and falcons are powerful.

PF: What happened to electro?
FPWB: I've never been keen on genres.
I don't think I'm adept to answer,
but I can still get dooooown.
PF: Why does everything in current art
seem to be shoot lasers from its eyes?
FPWB: Randomness = Concept

PF: My fifteen yr old niece doesn't think
she should go to college since the world is ending.
Have you got some words for kids like this?
It's a valuable experience that is irreplaceable.
Whether or not you use your degree,
the experience of college is important
to maturing as well rounded person.
I plan to attend graduate school
and become a professor...
so come take my classes someday!

PF: You make so much stuff,
Art and Musics and Blogs and such..
Do you ever gotta sit down and take a break?
And if so what then do you get to do?
FPWB: YESSSS! I've actually slowed down
and started pacing myself.
From slaving through undergrad
I've developed a fast work pace.
So I get a fair amount done
in a concentrated and focused moment.
I spend time with my wife in the evenings
and on the weekends, but still
have to get things done during those times.
I love going for bike rides, playing wii, snuggling,
playing basketball, watching movies & my shows
(Arrested Development, Cosby Show, Diagnosis Murder, Law & Order SVU).

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Solstice Soon
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