Monday, December 28, 2009

saving ur time

What was it about the Delorean
it makes it so hard to get so far
and then back...
somethings about fuel efficiency
how much gigiwatts 4 Prius ovr Delorean?

POWFOX asked Science
how to time travel green:

The actual quote from Back to the Future is,
"This sucker's electrical.
But I need a nuclear reaction to generate
the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity I need."

So we've got a starting point of 1,210,000,000 watts required.

A standard car battery produces about 12 watts
(i'm simplifying some of the electrical math here.)
The battery of the Prius produces about 280 watts

While the Prius provides 25x more electricity than the standard car
battery, we still have a huge deficit of energy required to power the
Flux Capacitor.

In the state of Washington your best bet would be the Columbia Nuclear
Generating station. This generator has an output of aprroximaely
1.25gigwatts. Just enough to get the flux capacitor going.

However, if we were to view the amount energy required as being on a
scale, that lowers the energy requirement to 50,000,000 watts. I'm
not really sure what to do with that info, but the 50Mw requirement is
a relatively simple amount of energy to produce in comparison to the
original goal.
ur save how much time
is flying model 4 ur future in
thanks, GB 4 scientifics

know how
>( ' \ . / ' )<

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