Thursday, December 17, 2009

waiting 4 water 2 boil

U mey try watching
a pot of water reach a boil
it is take much concentrate
to find stillness
to see a calm surface become something boiled
I Can Wrap Myself in the Garbage
of the Society
from the basin of the remains of
Disposable Culture
some tape and Glue
drunken seagull feather
collaged from the picture books of mankind
maybe u look like a painted child
maybe like adult insane in mud and fecel
blood of a warrior/or a closed shave
they always tell u wipe the blood off ur face
at ur desk or on the floor
no matter what u can say
i M still a
human race
and so are u

we got a whole lotta pop
and the future came and left us
there is always the trace of
earth people in the history of the imperialists
from some ruins
and revivals
we get to draw
the eyes and symbols of ancient
over and over
generations later
a fusion taking place
bringing earth to a boil

music is
Karin Dreijer Andersson
of The Knife
solo project
direction by
Martin de Thurah

look out 4 is
Cyber Shaman Gift Guide
Coming Reeeeeel soon

put ur soul in what u do
>( ' \ . / ' )<