Friday, January 29, 2010

Red Scare

Some Racial Profiling, Scoob?
Anthropology is Scary
Sick of this Tribal Trendiness?
Freddy Got White Guilt?
Shaman Week #5
Goes out to All the Scooby Doo
villains using Shamanlore
to scare the ...
people who are afraid of tribal stuff?
So.. why you hate on the Shaman
and the Medicine Mans?
I dunno whats up
with these villains
using sacred powers to fool kids.
tryin' to steer peops away from the cross
with their ... culture
Why are Scooby and the Mystery Machine Kids
are so afraid of these spiritual dudes?
Why are these masked bad dudes exploiting
the cultures of .... the stereo types
of cultures, to pull of bad guy stuff?
Why does Hanna B' imprint?
I dunno
But all these shaman impersonators
are caught by the end of the episodes,
so dont stay up too late
sweatin' it,
cuz, jig's up
and Shaggy's already building another
mega sandwich
despite the other
treatment of shaman cultures

clicking counts
This site exposes
all the angry white dudes
that are using those masks
to scare peops and fool a heist

Even if this makes u angry
U dont gotta hate back
just know these guys were suffering
and they did uncool things
to cover their pain
Masking it with that of false lore,
despite their potential to be awesome
(cause we all got potential)
they chose to fight

u dont gotta fight back
bcause fighting them
just engages u in fighting too
w/fighting, in the end
everyone loses
peace out
lead by example
>( ' \ . / ' )<

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