Monday, January 25, 2010

Shamanic Warrior vs Wizard

continuation of
Shaman Week
brings up major question
Wizard, Warrior or Shaman?
As a Seer and Healer...

Celebrating with
#2 Hiisama
From Miyazake's Princess Mononoke
1997 Shaman of Emishi tribe
She checks out the stones
demonized boar death bullet
She looks to our hero; confirms
"u got bit by a demon,
& yes ur totally F*ed now"
and then everyone eats soup
and yes Hiisama is Shaman confirming
the strange thing that happened to
Ashtaka when the demon thing
like "the nothing" on a pig
bites him and his arm freaks out
and Hiisama is all, "ur totally gonna
die from this now, you might as well
go face it, right?"
So if Ashtaka never met with his
academic advisor (Hiisama) would
he have ever known what was up
and gone all out to check out
forest gods and meet wolf babe
we know as Mononoke
solidifying this lovable story?
meybe not, right
thanks Hiisama
"" """ """

yum! soup
>( ' \ . / ' )<

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