Saturday, February 20, 2010


is not always easy
Super Hyper Future
is here
happening w/more frequency
a danger of the job
cyber shaman blogger
Something to be said for
taking a breath before speaking
and what is this mean
anthraxx killer man believed dead
airplane attack in Austin
and no snow at winter olympics
just as these things can happen
is not the only reflection of the world
is just the part highlighted on media
at the end of the day
gardens is still growing
and love remains alive
even if its not served the way
you want it.
Maybe there can make an iphone ap
for helping all the peops to digest
the veracious amounts of data
Super Hyper Future
passes to us every current day
At speeds faster than ever
(Super Hyper Speed)
we can not always have
some room on our plate or
in our mental/spirit stomaches
ur ok
eat less, digest more,
get good sleep
no pressure
the world is still here

what is prepared?

>( ' \ . / ' )<

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Sam Spina said...

haha nice drawing, is that your signature on the bottom? i like it! and sweet free fridays this week