Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feeling the Future

Sean Christensen w/ Linda Christensen (no mediate relation)

Today I read a post about
dated ideas of what people THOUGHT
the future would look like in the past.
For example, some dude in the 1950's
draws a picture of a car
he imagines peops'll drive in 1985.
Maybe its a rocket car.
But it's stupid
and you're all like
hahaha there were Dodge Duster Hatchbacks
and Sporty two seater Fieros in the 1980's
You're drawing of the future car looks
like billboards for drive in burgers
Yeah... so for those of us who see
that the future is right now,
let's stay on this page and wait for the chime
before we turn to the what's next
Oh Wait, here's the chime...
Amesome But True
The artwork of Portland's
will be on show at
along with work by Amy Kuttab
March 4 - 31, 2010
Portland, OR

"" "" ""

"O R They?"
>( ' \ . / ' )<

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