Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking to New Global Retrofits

i look at you, world
think how many want to hold & control you
"i need everyone to perform admirably"
Spock says when the shizgoin' dwn.
it's kind of like that now

2 appreciate each thing we offer in
Retrofitting our New Globalism
i have been looking to the past
for clues and guidance to the future

4warnings posted to p-rents gen,
reading future shock.
4 the past fiv min.
looking at d.weinberger.
and to the now & future
with asking the question
is this a new culture generation?

POWFOX answers that
Super is the option of positivity + intensity
Hyper accelerated + inertia
Future is forward
We Are Here
Civilization and Nature
is gotta a new relationship to each other
should i move to an eco-village?
does knowing how to build and fix bikes
make me prepared for the new eco-future?
will there still be bicycable roads in 2012?

will our future be cool and unique
or standard and boring?
Do we have what it takes
to make our future Rad?
Should I drop out of Art School
& join Sustainability Education
First Aid, Bio-medics? Alchemy?
Learn to make Water 101?
or should I give up
and build a spaceship?
"" "" ""
everyone gets
viral for 15min
>( ' \ . / ' )<

1 comment:

YaNoMas said...

future shock is ahemm noble and has correlation.
may i suggest reading ted's unibomber minifesto.
dl from "quiver distro".
if you are interested in riding biek for peace in july.