Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crafter Rites of Spring

New tools for a New Future:

Powfox gets chatty with Etsy Team memebers:
It's impossible to have the
critical view once knowing
these peops carry
the handmade badge of authentic
passion in what they'r doing.

Etsy = Number One Web Site
For Crafters and Artists selling handmades
(vintage items over 20 yrs also? um.. ok..whtvr)
How etsy can unite the world?
Sitting down with 2Esty team reps
Evans & Bertozzi
of Brooklyn on their first visit
in baby sized Portland, OR
keep it small
stress levels low
counter terrorism through hand making love
Esty blew up adding
it's bump to globalism.
They mist up when they share
stories about Alaskan woman's ability
to live and thrive in remote place
through the helpfullness of Etsy
This makes me cry too.
But Im like, NO!
I gotta stay objective
get the facts!
What about the people who complain
they exist
Im told reminded they usually
are peops who need help w/technical
or they obsess on cash w/out heart.
And I gotta agree
cause I run the Etsy trail too
and.. its realllllly easy as long as ur
communication are solid snake
and heart is true.
Like the Oracle Sphinx in NvrEndngStory
is the internet psychic?
The internet knows ur fear and shuts u down
if your not part of the
Who's heart is in this 4Real Club

So Why is Esty in Portland?
Cause they wanna do the face to face thing
They wanna help peops pages succeed.
Omg They Mean it
By Organizing and setting up workshops
in cities, they are uniting crafters
and online craft competetors
manage crafter crisis
new folk.
Etsy offices just got their first set of turn tables
They are screen printing in their office
and having fun, getting fingers dirty
and carpal tunnel at the same time.
International sales are spurted
so the overseas office got started.
It's still in private mode
so back off the stock yet
Its maybe better off
but likely that if public will get
bought up by the hands of the crafters.
Thanks for the time and the
answers, Etsy!
See U Soon
around the world
what it means to go
>( ' \ . / ' )<


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