Thursday, April 15, 2010


Mark Warren Jacques at FLATCOLOR Seattle, WA


are awesome

and they really match my branch

and connect w/my core values...


Why is so many community minded

special generation

wants this unified Solaris life

Wanting a World Where Everything Matters?

Raised by a Generation that Was Raised by

a Generation of Bad Parenting

X to Y to Z

We Gotta Grow up and Fix What you did to Food!?

What Have you done to Ur Economy?
Why is it my Problem?
I just wanna ride
Urban Outfitters Fixy

listen to relevant downloads

and keep up with Adventure Time

Why I Gotta Wake up So FAST?

It's ok


Its in the Prophecy

Hipster Omega Point 101

l ∆



Future Oversite Loopholes

Earthquakes in China

Chile, Calif, Haiti ...

Volcanic Ash Iceland

No Available Air Space over UK

Time to think about this

Where the prophecies explain

Polytheism? Monotheism?

Nah, Mang!

This is Bigger than US

This is 4 Real

I Cant Seem To Get the Sun Outta My Eyes

How Am I Supposed to Watch my Mobile Digital Television?

More On Triangles

For Generation Seeking the

Power of new


We Can't Beleive Anyone

Born Between 300 BCE - 1970 CE


They're Only Studies
>( ' \ . / ' )<

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i saddens is weird and the fad is only starting...

the ppl behind it are smart enough to be able to latch onto what is hip imo and be able to use that to appeal to vacant, absentminded hipsters. "omg a triangle shiny...". people will flash the triangle as the cool thing as a way to sublimially accept whatever agenda is going on. sort of? maybe? me crazy? "i can't resist the hip new fad..or the nwo*...." a continual nudge in the direction...another form of acceptance...working towards the end goal.

*by nwo i mean whatever the public percieves it to be...not what the factual agenda is. -lil tyke