Monday, April 26, 2010

Stump is Down

spread of the sickness

post euphoria
following the weekend of
Stumptown Comics Fest 2010
Portland, Oregon

What illustration hub
of the West Coast
creates competition is good
for the raising of quality, printing of
anthologies and encouragement
for the good good to get better better

Noteworthy Highlights:

VSNQST by sophie yanow

Flesh and Bone: Julia Gfrörer
Mumbles OOTOO: Cameron Hawkeye
Blunderbuss: Graham Kahler
TAR PIT: Crappy Comics
LABANOTATION: Sean Christensen & Amy Kuttab
Zine City Comix #7: Kinoko

TAR PIT: Crappy Comics
DOPE Flounder: Sparkplug Comics/ Tugboat Press

animal totem
>( ' \ . / ' )<

1 comment:

Sophie Yanow said...

hey! I was trying to find your email address to say that I really liked your comic, but I came to find your website and now here a post saying you liked mine! Awesome, thanks!

Well, I love your drawings (a given) and I also really like the repetitive elements (the structure of the who/where etc), and the great gallacorn. I work at Comic Relief in Berkeley and if you want to consign some of your work I'd love to have it! email me if you want: sophieyanow at gmail