Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tahiti Blue: The New Folk

Today @Muse Art & Design Ryan Bubnis
painting for Artist a Day Fundraiser in Portland OR 

 Ryan Bubnis paints illustrated characters and callsforth to the future and to the Paleolithic at once. His gloss coated works of simplified heads, flowery patterned skies, and muted rainbows are rich with a mask of line work inked over layered washes. They wear button eyes, frowns, Archaic smiles, and a signature teardrop nose.
                      Referring to the narrative of his work, Ryan explains it as a vibe and a mood that is discreetly personal. Are the characters masculine, feminine, both? He admits they have no implied gender. They are masked with patternesque symbols. This new folk, cyber shaman style evokes mystery and tribalism. The striated line work encasing the faces read like Archaic and ancient masks. He says they are power portraits, and we discuss reading the lines as wrinkles or muscle. Sometimes the figures resemble mummified beings.  “My ideas about art are constantly changing”, Ryan says. He thinks about art and concept frequently, “I’m always open to new art.”
This painting is now up for auction at MUSE
Ryan’s work will show alongside Ryan De La Hoz, Deth P Sun, Jesse Reno, and Jonathan Edelhuber for  “In Between Time” opens this Thursday in at Together Gallery
North East Portland through May 23rd, 2010. He will be contributing to a mural in Beacon New York the following month. 

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