Thursday, July 1, 2010


Last Night Hurricane Alex
was predicted to pick up speed over
the Gulf of Mexico and bring with it
sheets of oil which it would then
splatter, spray and rain all over the lands
of the gulf coast destroying all hopes
for fidelity in the Mississippi Delta.

Instead it looks like it has only slowed down the process
of oil cleaning and is this what some librarians
are calling a "Slowpocolypse"
What else is there to do....
waiting around all summer and getting
nothing done, waiting for Baby Boomers to retire,
waiting for downloads, waiting for Steve Jobs to apologize
to Everyone in the world, waiting for the sun to set so that it
may rise again...

Whatever, Atlas Sound is the soundtrack for todays life.
This track 'Walkabout' has had so many videos made for it
and they are all so very the same. Their other songs, like Quick Canal, for
one is got the dreamy shoe gazed psychedelia "I dont know what to
do with myself all summer" kind of feel...
but Walkabout is the one that is frequently
stuck on repeat in my head again and again and again
thats how i know it must be really there.

I Sing You To Me
>( ' \ . / ' )<

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