Monday, July 18, 2011

Counterspellin UR Trample Soaker

Dont Ever Play Magic
Unless you are ok with distracting yourself a lot
and commited to redesigning the cards customizing
the bshnit out of ur decks and staying up too late,
this is dangerously bad the idea.

 These are some of the cards I have been redrawing.
I cant remember the names of the cards alot
there's too many information in
the pictures to read the text
that its overstimulating. Look at the real cards on the rest of the
internet, they take them selves so serious, but lack design
and ... radness i wantn
Renaming the cards is become my way to remember them
"Charlie's Mom, Cuddlin' Troll, 
Deer Skin Disco Suit, Dare Dirt Devlin"

::rolling eyes into skull:: End Turn!
>( ' \ . / ' )<

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Spencer said...

these are great! (and so is magic.... :-)