Sunday, January 22, 2012

Toys Time

You know these things
we need them surrounding us
inciting characters, designs and story. 

It's these newest members of my collection.
Snoopy Bundle Lot, Cyclist Smurf and Firetruck Mickey

Acquired through
Portland, OR 

More toys are on the way. 
Whoops ... ebay.

U, see. I had a collection of toys.
 I still do, in fact.
 This collection has been unruly.
It's grows larger than anticipated.
Collecting can be dangerous thing.
Especially for free box scavengers.
Even many of these toys I have had all my life.
Something had to be done.
So many toys of mine were recently traded in,
so that I could minimize.
The ideal is to have only one box of these toys
when I eventually move to someplace new.
The exchange, however, arroused a new frenzy
of collecting. This human thing.
People stay long enough inside a cave,
that cave will accumulate some things.
In order to save the life of my
more unjustifiable toys, figures mainly,
I transferred their station in toy life
from toy to ornament.

With a tiny screw-eye hook Toy Become Ornament
Many may not approve of this practice. As of now it is still legal in 60 states.
So now getting into deep January,
I am still hosting magnificent
Toy Tree!

>( ' \ . / ' )<

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