Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lucky Dragon

It's a Powerful New Year!
In Chinese astrology
the dragon is a free spirit,
and in my opinion, the nicest.
Dragon helped rabbit win the race
on the zodiac calendar so that
rabbit wouldn't drown.
I just printed these dragon cards.
And Lucky Thing too!
Because now I can share them.
There are so many steps
to Drawing your Dragon.
Step One
Find that ol' dragon doodle
that you made a year or so ago.

Step Two
Trace up a New Version
Step Three
Use some yummy pink ink
to figure out its twisty anatomy.
 Step Four
Draw some Clouds
(dragons love hiding in clouds)
Step Five
Light Board Action
Get some Layers going - Think Screen Print
and Photoshop at the same time.
 Step Six
Scan and Photoshopping
Working out layers and colors
 include Crop Marks for cuts
Step Seven
Draw out some text for Backside
QR Code Website
Put it together.
And Then...
  Hang drawings on studio wall...
 And Mail Post Cards to Besties!

Screen Prints are in the works 
More Soon...

Year of the Dragon
Jan 23rd, 2012
through February 13th, 2013
this year will be the one.

>( ' \ . / ' )<

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